TDBC BrewMaster of the Year

Earning Points for TDBC BrewMaster of the Year

Club Raffle Points

During the year (from December through November of the following year), TDBC awards points to (paid) members that volunteer and contribute to the club at brewfests, competitions, brew sessions and meetings. Points are tallied and compiled and become raffle tickets to use at the annual TDBC bottle sharing holiday party in December. Raffle tickets are used for drawings for brewing supplies donated by local homebrew shops. Only current paid members receive their potential points, so be sure to pay your dues sooner than later.

If your name is missing, follow-up with the TDBC Treasurer to ensure you've paid dues and to get the roster updated.

Points Guidelines

1. Eligibility - Only active TDBC Members with their dues currently paid are eligible to receive points. Any TDBC Member who has not paid their dues cannot receive points, and they may only begin receiving points again when their dues are current.

2. Points - TDBC Members will earn points for entering beers in competitions, attending monthly club meetings, hosting/attending brew sessions, etc. A full list of scoring events is listed below.

3. Winning - At the December bottle sharing party, the winner of the TDBC BrewMaster of the Year will receive a prize (valued over $50) and a plaque describing their accomplishment. This award is given to the person with the most points.

4. Raffles - Every person who earned points towards the TDBC BrewMaster of the Year title will earn a raffle ticket, which can be used at a raffle of homebrewing supplies, fine beers and other prizes at the December Party. 1 point = 1 ticket. These tickets will not be available for sale, so the only way to get them is to earn TDBC BrewMaster of the Year points.

5. Points Tally - We will keep a running tally of all points earned on the TDBC website and announcements will be made throughout the year regarding standings and status of the competition.

Points Summary

How Points are Awarded

· 1 point - Entering a beer in a competition

· 3 points - Judging/Stewarding/Organizing a competition

· 5 points - 1st Place (Gold) win at a competition

· 3 points - 2nd Place (Silver) win at a competition

· 1 point - 3rd Place (Bronze) win at a competition

· 1 point - Attending TDBC Monthly Meeting and Club Events (wort share, brew session, etc.)

· 1 point - Sharing homebrews at monthly meeting (1 point per homebrew shared)

· 5 points - Hosting a Club-Sponsored Brew Session at your home (minimum 4 TDBC Members)

· 5 points - Leading an educational session at a TDBC Club Meeting

· 10 points - Volunteer for NCHF - Planning Committee Head

· 5 points - Volunteer for NCHF - Sub-Committee

· 2 points - Volunteer for NCHF - Festival Volunteer (running booth, making props, etc.)

· 2 points - Each keg donated for brewfests and fundraising/community events

· 5 points - Attend Judging Course or college-level beer-related course

· 1 point - Attend educational seminar at a conference/event

· 1-10 points Outstanding Beer Karma Bonus; can be multiple times (at discretion of TDBC officer)

o Examples include: being an officer, duty above & beyond, etc.

Click the link below to view 2019 BrewMaster of the Year winners and prizes: